Heid's Sweet Treats


Heid's Sweet Treats is now closed for the 2017 season. Thank You to everyone who spent their summer with us and we look forward to seeing you April 1st 2018!

Soft Serve Ice Cream

A soft frozen dessert made with sweetened and flavored milk fat.
Our Soft Serve Contains: 10% Butterfat

Soft Serve Custard

A soft serve dessert similar to ice cream,
but made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar.
Our Custard Contains: 12% Butterfat

Dole Whip

Similar to a sorbet, Dole Whip is a dessert consisting of frozen
fruit juice, flavored water, and sugar.

More Information: Dole Whip is lactose free, fat free, cholesterol free,
gluten free, less than 100 calories per 4oz (small) serving, and
all fruit flavors are suitable for a vegan diet!